Use a Handicapped Grab Bar to Stay Safely Independent

As people become older or in a situation where they have injuries that make it hard for them to do things independently; life becomes difficult. They may feel as though they have to give up their independence and have someone to help them with bath time or even getting up and down from their favorite chair or the toilet. Depending on the injury, this could be true. However, you should not give up your privacy or your independence until you have given every option a try. One of the easiest ways to take back your privacy is to use a handicapped grab bar to stay safely independent.

Why Handicapped Grab Bars Work

The most common accidents inside of the home are because older people lose the ability to stay stable, especially when they are first standing up. They may become dizzy upon standing or be unable to have their aching knees lift them up. That is where a handicapped grab bar can help the most. It gives them a handle to hold onto. They can use their hands to keep them stable after they stand or they can use their arms to help their body stand up from a sitting position.

Where to Place Grab Bars

Most often, grab bars are used in the bathroom. This area of the home is often the most dangerous area for someone with a disability. Wet shower floors, low toilets, and other things within the bathroom pose a threat. These areas make it impossible for someone with stability issues to handle their private necessities without a helping hand. The grab bar works best for this situation. However, some people use grab bars in other areas of the home as well. A favorite chair, in the bedroom, and numerous other areas can have a grab bar nearby. You can put one at your dining room table, your office, living room, or other areas that you feel you have a difficult time getting up without help. These bars are designed to be used in a variety of areas and they are easy to install.

Which Grab Bar is Right?

There are stainless steel grab bars and grab bars that are antimicrobial. The stainless steel bars work well, but they may hold germs and eventually rust or become discolored in the shower area. This is why many public restrooms use the antimicrobial type handicapped bars. They are as solid as the stainless steel type bars, but they are more resistant to bacteria and mold. This means that they can be used on all sides of the toilet and in the shower. You will never have to worry about mold growth or having handicapped grab bars that look dirty. They are designed to be used in the bathroom for this reason, but it does not mean they are not beneficial in other areas of the home or business that you are putting them in. It prevents spreading germs and helps people stay independent. What more could you hope for?

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